Advanced RAID Calculator

New release after 2 years+ Today I published a new version of ARC after a bit more than 2 years. Althought I had a lot of code in that app that was added after my last release in 2014 I didnt have the time to work on it and at the same time I was kinda getting bored with it. The issue us that I have had all the functionality I needed in it almost 10 versions ago.


esgtools esgtools is a small application in golang, its statically build and available in source or binary for Windows(x86, AMD64), Linux(x86, AMD64, arm), OS X(x86, AMD64). Goal The app is used to retrieve the environments we use on our servers for various tools. Currently it supports vim and tmux. Both of those tools include numerous optimizations and customizations we use on our everyday process. Limitations Currently the tool will work only for the root user, due to the hardcoded paths.


Welcome I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. I plan to port some of the most interesting posts in my older blog mostly for historic reference, since I havent bloged for the last 5 years. Content I am planning to use this blog to post content specific to development and hosting, most posts (except the personal ones) will be cross-posted between my personal blog and the eSG blog.